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Group Texts

If texting to one person is good, texting to a group is better. Right? Maybe.   

A group text is a typed conversation among more than two people. You can get your message out to a group of your contacts at once and they can respond … to everybody.

Group texts are great if, for example, you text with select friends about the big game you are all watching from different places. Or if a few friends need to agree on a restaurant.

But, because every response to a group text goes to everyone in the group — that is, it’s an automatic “Reply All” — sometimes it’s just not the appropriate medium. Does everyone in the group need to know which entree everyone else prefers, or who can’t come to your event … and why?

Before you send a group text, consider the response factor; would you want to read all the responses if you received the text rather than sent it? Does everyone in your group even know everyone else? Trust me, your friends don’t want to read texts from your other friends they don’t know.

On some phones, and in some group texts, there is a way to “leave this group” so you are not bombarded by the responses of others. But, more often than not, you are stuck receiving the texts. So, if you don’t want random group texts, pass this message on to your friends … one at a time …. by email.

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