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Site Specific

Searching for a product or information on your computer, tablet, or smartphone has never been easier: just type what you are looking for in a search engine and scroll through the results.24a90df4-b14d-4325-b64e-489281cc9e69

Here’s one cool way to narrow your search results: specify the exact site you want your search results to come from.

  • You once saw a great brownie recipe on a cooking show called “Barefoot Contessa” and now you’d like to have it. Type “ brownies” (no quotation marks necessary) in your search engine; the results will be only from that site.
  • You were in Home Depot and saw a great combo tool chest and work table on wheels. A few days later, you think maybe you’d like to look at it again. Type “ tool chests” (no quotes necessary).
  • You started a New Yorker magazine article in a waiting room and wish to finish reading it on your home computer. Type “ article title or subject” (no quotes necessary) in your search engine.

Of course you will get results if you don’t type the “site:” part (“barefoot contessa brownies” or “home depot tool chests”), but mixed in the results will be similar items on competitor sites, blogs about the item, mention of the item on social media, or reviews of the item from third party sites.

If you want these other mentions, don’t specify the site. But if you want to go right to the site, let your computer know. Try it!

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