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Moving Memories

One of my grandmothers made wonderful mushroom and barley soup. I have the recipe; I’ve made it, but it never tastes the same. My great aunt made delicious sugar cookies. I remember the taste, but I cannot re-create it. My other grandmother made savory chicken matzoh ball soup and the best roasted potatoes ever. Wonderful culinary memories.  6e257eae-952e-4fe1-be79-3829c1b535fc

If these ladies were alive today, I’d visit them in their kitchens to watch and remember their every move. Better yet, I’d take out my smartphone or tablet and video them as they worked their magic.

How great would that be? Not only would I share the real time experience with them, I’d have their recipes and their techniques in their own words from their own kitchens to keep and pass down to future generations.

Do you — or a relative or a friend — have a skill or story to share? Video it. It’s not just about a product, it’s about remembering and preserving the passions and personalities that make you and your loved ones unique. Cooking. Decorating. Quilting. Painting. Restoring. Collecting. Playing a sport or instrument. Retelling ancestors’ and childhood experiences. Get it on video.

You will find your video capability in the “Camera” app on your smartphone or tablet. Start and stop the recording when practical, perhaps stopping when the cookies go in the oven and starting again when they come out. Err on the side of recording too much; you can edit later.

Video files are large and usually exceed the size you can email. To share a video, upload it to a file sharing program — like Dropbox — and invite others to download it from there.

Get ready mom and dad … I’m coming over!

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