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New Icons

Microsoft and Apple surprised us recently by introducing important new desktop icons. Maybe you noticed?

Microsoft (Windows): A “Windows 10” Notification Icon in the Taskbar 
This is not Windows 10, Microsoft’s new and much-anticipated operating system scheduled for release on July 29th. It is Microsoft asking you to “reserve your free upgrade” of Windows 10 now.  If you agree, Windows 10 — when available — will download into your machine and invite you to install it. You can do this, or not. I expect that when Windows 10 is available, you can just download it when you are ready.

Apple: “Photos” replacing “iPhoto” 
By changing the “iPhoto” app to the “Photos” app, your iMac or MacBook runs the same photo app as your iPad and iPhone: your photos are sorted by “years,” “collections,” and “moments,” and there are no more “events,” just albums. (If you are not ready to part with iPhoto, don’t worry, it’s still in your computer.)

“Photos” also includes the iCloud Photo Library option to store your photos in the iCloud and share your photos and albums among your Apple devices.

If you see one of these icons on your desktop, you’ll know it hasn’t always been there and you’ll know what it means.

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