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Remember This

If you aren’t using a Reminders app on your smart phone, you are, well, forgetting one of the phone’s most practical features.

Consider that your phone is usually with you. What better place to record the things you think of when you think of them?

  • Food you need to buy at the supermarket
  • Tasks you must to do today, this week, or this month
  • Items you don’t want to forget to pack on your next trip
  • Information you agreed to provide for your next meeting
  • Details you still need to address for your next party
  • Issues you need to discuss with your doctor, lawyer, veterinarian, accountant, realtor, client, etc.

Apple, Android, and Windows phones all have pre-installed reminder/to-do capability, but there are also other third-party apps available from the app stores.

Find an app that works for you and let your phone do your remembering. Just don’t forget to look at your phone!

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