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If you make purchases with a debit card, you punch in your 4-digit PIN code on a keypad.

That keypad — actually the heat your fingers leave behind on it — could reveal your code to a would-be card thief.

Fortunately, there is an easy way to prevent this.

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All But One?

Did you know that you can use your email group list to send an email to almost all of the members of the group?

Are you buying a gift for the captain of the team and don’t want to include him/her in the email gift discussion? Do the out-of-town members need the current weather-related change of plans? Maybe those not attending the next gourmet dinner don’t need the dish assignments.

If you wish to send a group email to all but one — or a few — of the members in the group, you can still use the group list.

  • Compose a new email and select the group from your contact list. The individual names of the group members will appear in the “To” field.
  • Place the cursor after the name — or names — you wish to delete.
  • Hit the “backspace” key on your keyboard.

The name(s) you remove is still part of the group, just not part of that specific email. To remove a name from the group altogether, return to the contact list where you created the group and remove the name from the group itself.

Create and use group emails, even of you don’t want to send the email to the whole group.

Apple Watch

By now you have seen the commercials for the new Apple Watch. Perhaps you have wondered — maybe even marveled — about this new wearable technology. apple watch

Here is some first-hand (literally!) information:

Apple Watch is a convenient extension of your iPhone, as well as your “Fitness Partner.”

As an extension of your iPhone (you must have an iPhone 5 or newer to use the Watch), the Watch does much of what your phone does: texts, email, phone calls, maps, weather, sports scores, music, headlines, apps, and yes, even the time!

As your “Fitness Partner,” the Watch tracks and records your activity and workouts. It reminds you to do three things: 1) stand and walk around at least once an hour, 2) burn enough active calories to meet or exceed your goal, and 3) exercise for 30 minutes, either all at once or a little at a time. The built-in Heart Rate Monitor takes your pulse every few minutes; you can see your resting heart rate and work toward your target heart rate.

I must admit, the Apple Watch is cool. Very cool. In only five days I’ve become quite, um, attached to it.

Well, I need to go now. My Watch just beeped. Exercise time!

Want to learn more about the Apple Watch? Check out the Apple Store website:

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