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Printer Ink

Hi Carolyn,

Have you seen the price of printer ink lately? Of course you have. Pretty expensive.

The printer/ink relationship is like razors and razor blades or Polaroid cameras (remember them?) and film: the device itself is not expensive but the replaceable inserts are.

I can’t offer a way around this scenario, but I can explain what ink you get (or don’t get) when you purchase a new printer.

New printers often come with cartridges that are not completely full; Hewlett Packard (HP) calls them “Setup” cartridges. I imagine this is what HP is thinking:

If we include a full cartridge, we’ll have to increase the price of the printer and the consumer might not buy the printer. However, if we don’t include any ink, the consumer will have to buy ink at the time of purchase, realize how expensive it is, and maybe not buy the printer at all. Hmmm. So, we’ll include some ink with the printer…

Consumers not aware of this are often surprised (even annoyed) that the “setup” ink doesn’t last very long. Fortunately, the full-priced cartridges are fully filled.

Buy the printer you want, but be aware of the volume of ink that comes with it and the price of the cartridges in your future.

Happy printing!

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