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Water-Protect Your Phone

It’s not glamorous but it is effective.

Smartphones don’t like water and you should do everything you can to protect them from it; a Ziploc®-type bag will do the trick.

I’m not suggesting that you keep your expensive, sophisticated, designer-encased, Retina HD display smartphone in an ordinary plastic baggie all the time — or that you ever intentionally submerge your phone in water — just maybe that you protect it when you go out in the rain, play at the beach or the pool, or garden near a hose or sprinklers.

The beauty of the baggie is, well, clear; you can tap through it, read through it, talk through it, and listen through it, all while keeping the phone dry.

A downside of the baggie is its effect on pictures you take through it. Not so clear. Probably best to remove the baggie first!

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