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Photo-Editing Fun

Do you like taking, sending, and receiving electronic pictures? How about editing them?

Here’s a fun website for free online picture editing. You can add text, make collages, place speech bubbles, incorporate backgrounds, and touch up imperfect features.

Perhaps I got a little carried away with my sample creation — more is not always more — but it is fun to play.

While this site does have a paid deluxe-feature no-ad version (the “Royal” membership), you can do a lot of fun things for free, except save and go back later. In the free version, you have to complete your image editing and save the project to your computer for later use. If you leave the site, you can no longer edit a project you started.

Once your project is saved to your computer, however, you can send it to others, print it, or use it in a book or slideshow.

How creative are you?

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