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Screen Clean??

Have you looked at your screen lately? Not just looked at it to read this email, but really looked at it. How clean is it?

Here are some screen — and keyboard –cleaning tips:


  • Turn the power off. For laptops and mobile devices, shut them down and remove the power cord, don’t just “sleep” them. For desktops, turn the monitor itself off and unplug it.
  • Use a soft cloth: cotton t-shirt, microfiber, or cloths made to clean eyeglasses, NOT a tissue, paper towel, or anything coarse or with lint.
  • Wipe in small circles, not too much pressure and no fingernails!
  • If the dry cloth doesn’t do enough, consider a liquid cleaner: distilled water alone, or mix equal amounts of distilled water with either rubbing alcohol or with white vinegar (not both!). You can also purchase a commercially available screen cleaner. Don’t use anything with ammonia in it.
  • Spray a small amount of liquid onto the soft cloth. (The cloth should be damp, not dripping). Never spray anything directly onto your screen.
  • Dry your screen with a dry soft cloth.
  • Be sure your screen is completely dry before powering it back on.


  • Turn your keyboard upside down over a trashcan to shake out the collected debris.
  • Use a make-up brush or new paint brush to push debris out.
  • Purchase a can of compressed air and blow debris out.
  • Use the same liquid(s) and techniques mentioned above to clean the keys.

And, maybe, stop eating over your keyboard?!


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