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I’ve mentioned here how to use your smartphone when you are out and about — listening to an audible book when walking, tracking your steps when exercising, making phone calls when gardening — but in this winter weather, I’d like to mention how to actually use your smartphone: eGloves!

I don’t know if they are actually called “eGloves” — I might have just made that up — but I am referring to gloves that are specifically designed to work with your touch screen devices. Some gloves have a special material on the thumbs and forefingers, others specially treat the tips of all the fingers.

These gloves are a cold weather must; no need to take your gloves off to change a station, answer a call, send a text, or map your route.

You can buy these gloves in sporting goods stores or online. They make great winter holiday gifts!

Web Browser Choice

If you are on the internet, you use a web browser. It’s the software that takes you to the World Wide Web. The five most popular web browsers are Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and AOL.

I am often asked which is the best browser and whether there is a reason to have/use more than one.

To me, web browsers are like cars in the driveway; anyone of them will take you where you want to go. Chances are, however, most times you go out, you get in the same car; your seats, your mirrors, you music options, your sunglasses, and your cup holders are all
customized and familiar.

But, the day your familiar car won’t start, or isn’t behaving, you’ll be quite glad to have an alternate car in your driveway, even if the settings are not as familiar.

Such is the case with web browsers; pick one, make it your default* browser, use it everyday, and customize the home page, the favorites (bookmarks), and the settings.

But, also download an alternate web browser. If your primary browser doesn’t work one day, use your alternate browser. Some web sites work better on one browser than another.

*Your default browser is likely the browser that came preinstalled on your computer. It will open if you don’t specify a different browser. One way to determine your default browser is to click on a link in an email. Whichever browser opens to take you to that site is your default browser.

Happy browsing.

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