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Electronically Enhanced Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving week and, for many, that means either hosting or traveling.

Don’t forget how valuable your computers and mobile devices can be over the holiday:

  • Set the timer on your smartphone to make sure nothing over-cooks in the kitchen
  • Consult your to-do list to be sure you don’t forget anything
  • Search the internet for traditional and non-traditional recipes
  • Call or video chat with those in your family who won’t be at dinner
  • Tap your sports app to check the scores of the games you are not watching
  • Check the weather app to be sure you pack the right clothes
  • Follow your map program to help you get where you are going
  • Play background music from your music library or music app during dinner
  • Download the “Map My Walk” app to get moving before — and especially after – a big meal.
  • Rent a DVD or stream a movie to watch after dinner

and of course,

  • Use your camera to take pictures, pictures, and more pictures!

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

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