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Use Your Desktop

Icons on your computer’s desktop are shortcuts to programs, files, and folders stored in your computer. Are you using yours efficiently?

To make the best use of your desktop, place icons there for

  1. Long-term use: programs, files, and folders that you use often
  2. Short-term use: programs, files, and folders that take you to a current project (when the project is over, you can remove the icon from the desktop)
  3. Temporary use: a “holding space” for organizing files and folders. Let me explain …

When you organize files and folders, you might create a new folder and then try to drag existing files into it. However, if you can’t see those files and the new folder at the same time, dragging and dropping is difficult.

Rather, create the new folder on your desktop, drag your files into it, and then drag the whole new folder where you want to store it.

To create a new folder on your desktop:

  • Place your cursor on your desktop and right-click (control-click on a Mac)
  • Click on “new” and then “folder” (or “new folder” on a Mac)
  • Name the new folder
  • Press the “return” (or “enter”) key

Use your desktop wisely!

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