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The Best Camera

It has been said that the best camera you own is the one you have with you. Most of the time, that is our picture-taking (and video-taking) smartphone. Use it! Use it! Use it!

Use it to:

  • Capture funny, meaningful, beautiful moments, which include “selfies”!
  • Re-visit one or more items in a store you are considering for later purchase
  • Remember the street name where you parked
  • Record the insurance info of the driver who just scratched your car (and the scratch itself!)
  • Follow construction progress
  • Document a medical condition
  • Retain company and contact information from a sign or vehicle
  • Recall a meal or dessert you want to make, or make again
  • Take “before” and “after” photos

And while you are using your smartphone for these (and other) photo and video opportunities, here are three pieces of advice:

  1. Don’t “zoom” (take the picture at the regular distance and, if you want to enlarge a portion, crop it later)
  2. Film videos horizontally not vertically; you will be much happier with the result
  3. Learn how to email or text a photo from your phone, even if just to make a friend smile

Happy snapping!

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