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Stop the New Ring!

This week, Apple introduced iOS 8, the newest operating system for mobile devices. It is a free download for your iPhone and iPad.

Among the new features is one that will surprise you — or perhaps startle you: when your iPhone rings, so does your iPad!


Apple calls it “Continuity.” If your iPhone and iPad are registered to the same Apple ID, and they are both on a WIFI network, calls that come into your phone will also ring — and can be answered — on your iPad.

Great news if you are curled up with your iPad on the sofa and your iPhone is across the room. When someone calls your phone, you can answer and talk on your iPad without getting up.

This feature comes in the “on” (green) position when you upgrade the two devices. If you don’t want this feature, you can turn it off.

On the iPad, go to

  • Settings
  • Facetime
  • iPhone Cellular Calls
  • Slide to “Off” (white)

When the feature is enabled, the two devices have to be in close proximity to one another for this to work. So, don’t worry. When you and your iPhone are out and about, your unattended iPad is not at home ringing!

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