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Holiday Cards

Summer is officially over and it’s time to start thinking about … holiday cards! Whatever holiday(s) you celebrate, consider creating a photo card — with or without text — right from your computer. It’s easy and fun.

The most popular software for creating personalized cards are the two web-based, and the Mac-only iPhotoprogram. To make cards in these programs requires the same three basic steps:

  • Create: Choose the appropriate holiday theme and the card style you like.
  • Add Photos: Upload one or more photos from your computer and place them in the card. Adjust as necessary.
  • Order: Specify quantity, envelope choice, delivery address, and billing information.

Could not be easier.

When your cards arrive, hand-address the envelopes or use printed stickers, write a short personal note, stamp, and send.

Even in this highly digital age, a printed card received through snail-mail is still a cherished holiday treat.

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