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Stop the Crop

A friend of mine just returned from an extensive vacation. She told me she planned to make a commemorative photo book from the many pictures she took, as soon as she finished cropping all her pictures.


I recommended to her what I recommend to you: don’t crop pictures until you are ready to place them.

When you crop a picture, you throw away the parts of the image that are outside the crop area. How do you know — before you place the picture in its new home — exactly what you should throw away?

If you are making a picture book using iPhoto, Shutterfly, or Snapfish, for example, you should place each picture on its page and then crop the picture if necessary, using the tools right in the program.

In any photo-editing scenario, it is a good idea to first make a copy of a picture you are planning to modify. Someday you might wish you had the original.

Now get started on that photo book!

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