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Auto-Charge Vendor List

A few months ago my bank informed me that they detected “fraudulent activity” on my credit card, and therefore issued me a new card. They reminded me to inform the vendors with whom I have an “auto-charge” arrangement. I thought I remembered them all.

About a month later, I got mail from a collection agency regarding a particular vendor.


Seems I missed one: I bought something online that billed me in three payments. Apparently my credit card number was changed between the second and third payment. Oops. I cleared it up. (In retrospect, I realized that I had received a few voice mails and emails from this agency, but had dismissed them as scams.)

This story serves as a reminder to keep track of all of your auto-charge arrangements, even the short term ones. I suggest keeping the vendor and contact information in a list on a mobile device that travels with you. If your bank suddenly changes your card number — or your credit card is stolen and you need to cancel the card — you can make a complete transition easily and without interruption.

Here’s hoping you never need to do it though!

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