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Key Ring App

Do you have plastic “loyalty card” tags (Kroger, PetSmart, CVS, etc.) hanging from your key ring? Do you use them when you shop? If yes, you might like Key Ring, the app that stores the card information in your phone.

Download the app onto your smartphone from the Apple Store (iPhone) or the Google Play Store (Android). Then use the app to scan and label the barcode on each tag. When you are at Kroger, for example,  open the Key Ring App to the Kroger Card and allow the cashier to scan the barcode right on your smartphone. Done.

The Key Ring app is free. When you open it for the first time you will be asked if you wish to create an online account.

If you choose to create an online account, you will specify a username and password and the app will store your barcode information in your phone and online. If you ever need to replace your phone, you can sign into your account and all of your barcode information will re-load.

If you choose not to create an online account, you do not need a username or password but your barcode information will only be stored in your phone (and not also online). If you need to replace your phone, you will need to re-scan each of your loyalty cards. (So even if you take them off of your key ring, don’t throw them away!)

For more information about this app, as well as links to the different app stores, click here:

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