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Sleep Timer

I love the “sleep timer” on my TV. I set it to the number of minutes I want the TV to stay on and I fall asleep knowing the TV will shut itself off.

Did you know your smart device has (or can have) a “sleep timer” too? Set it to turn off your music, podcasts, and audiobooks so they don’t stay on all night.

On the iPhone and iPad, the feature is built in. On the Android phones, it’s a free app.

iPhone and iPad 

  • While you have music playing, tap on the “Clock” icon on the home screen
  • Tap the “Timer” tab at the bottom
  • Move the tumblers to set the hours/minutes you wish the device to stay on
  • Tap the line that says “When timer ends” (iPhone) or the “musical note” icon between the “Start” and “Pause” buttons (iPad)
  • Scroll to the bottom of the list
  • Tap  “Stop Playing”

Android Devices

  • From the Google Play store, download the free “SleepTimer” app
  • Open the App from the Home screen
  • Set the number of minutes you wish the audio to stay on
  • Tap “Start”

Your “Sleep Timer” is set.

Sweet dreams!
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