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One Useful Contact List

How many contact lists (address books) do you have? If you have more than one list (email in one list, phone numbers in another, etc.) consider consolidating all that information into one electronic address book you can access from your smartphone or tablet. Now use this one list to store addresses, phone numbers, and more.


The Contact area of many email programs, smart phones, and tablets has a “notes” field for each entry. Enter information here that you might be glad to have with you.

Like what? Here are some ideas.

Vendor Information
Account numbers. Case numbers. Membership numbers! Enter this information in the notes field of the contact for easy reference.

Service Information
If you enter your lawn company’s phone number, you might also want to enter the services and prices you discussed. When you get the bill, you can compare it to your notes.

Use the notes section in the contact entry for your pharmacy (or veterinarian) to remind yourself of the names and doses of meds you need and might have to refill.

Restaurant Information
If you have the phone number for a restaurant, you might also enter the hours of operation or the name of your favorite waiter.

Some contact programs have a designated birthday field. If you enter a contact’s birthday, it might show up on your calendar … with a reminder!

and my favorite:

Store your passwords in your contact list under the company to which they apply, but be sure to encrypt your passwords so that only you know what they are. (Example: If your Amazon password is Baseball123, enter “B123” in the notes section of your Amazon contact).

Just think how organized you’ll be!

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