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Event-Specific Apps

Most of us have downloaded apps that we use all year long. I use my favorite apps regularly to check the weather, read the news, follow my pro sports teams, play a few games, check airline flight times, and keep track of my fitness workouts.

But I also download apps that are event specific, and short lived.

Today begins the second week of Roland Garros, also known as the “French Open” tennis tournament. Last week I downloaded the “Roland Garros 2014” app. Throughout the two week tournament, I check the scores, upcoming schedules, tournament news, and player bios. Next week I will delete the app.

The week of June 12th, the US Open Golf app will be available. For those of you who might enjoy the “3-D” fly-overs of each hole along with the leaderboard updates and in-depth analysis, this app is for you. After Sunday, June 15th, delete the app.

Wimbledon starts on June 23rd. The Tour de France starts on July 5th. The British Open starts on July 17th. The PGA Championship and the US Open Tennis Tournament start in August. Each has its own app.

And, while you are marking your calendar, the March Madness app comes out in, well, March, and the next Summer Olympic games begin on August 5, 2016.

Even if your favorite sporting event (or cultural, educational, philanthropic, or community event) doesn’t have an app, but has a website that will be regularly updated, save the web address shortcut to your favorites list or home screen.

Just don’t forget to delete these apps and shortcuts when the event is over to make room for next year!

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