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A New Phone!

I’m proud to tell you that my father just got a new cell phone: a flip phone. Sigh.

He is perfectly aware of the smart phone technology — he has an iPad and knows how to use it. But he maintains that when it comes to a phone, all he wants is … a phone. He wants it to ring when someone calls him, and he wants to store a few numbers and know how to find them. That’s all. Really?


I have to respect that.

The flip phone is smaller and more compact than a smartphone. It does have a camera if he absolutely needs to take a picture. He doesn’t want to text or email when he’s driving, gardening, cooking, or playing golf. So a flip phone is perfect for him.

Why am I sharing this family story? As a reminder that it doesn’t matter what kind of mobile phone you have as long as you keep it charged and keep it with you. You must have a working phone with you to make use of it.

I don’t want to think about my dad — or any of you — in an emergency situation without a way to get help. Or even without a way to tell your spouse/family/friends that you are running late, at the store, in traffic, or changing your plans.

Keep whatever phone you have with you — and keep it charged. Just don’t try to text my dad.

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