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On The Way Out — Part II

Last week I wrote about the imminent demise of the CD as medium for data storage. What else is likely to become obsolete?

Faxing! We just don’t need it anymore.

I’ve written about this before but it bears repeating; brush up on your scanning skills!

It is more efficient to scan a document and attach it to an email than it is to fax it. It is certainly more convenient to receive a document attached to an email wherever you are than it is to have to be at the machine to receive a fax.

And there is more…


  • increases the price of the “all-in-one” printer
  • requires a dedicated phone line (or coordination between one phone line and your voice mail)
  • demands you know/store a unique fax number or call the recipient to alert him/her it’s coming
  • uses paper (including a cover sheet)
  • leaves you with a hard copy that you may not have needed to print


  • requires scanning a document (single and multiple pages)
  • requires attaching the document to an email
  • requires downloading, saving, and opening an attachment.

If you are ready to purchase a new printer, you may consider buying one without the fax function. If you have a dedicated fax line, you may no longer need it.

The scanning/attaching option saves money and paper and is often more convenient.

And it might soon be your only option.

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