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Heartbleed Hit List

By now you have heard of the Heartbleed Bug. What is it? What you can do about it?

The Heartbleed Bug is

  • an “encryption bug” that affects some websites, potentially exposing subscriber account information

The Heartbleed Bug is not

  • a virus in your computer
  • a weakness in your anti-virus or malware protection programs
  • something you could have prevented

To minimize your exposure, change your password for any affected sites, but only after the sites themselves have corrected the loophole that made them vulnerable.

Click the link below to learn more about the Bug and to see a list of popular websites and whether they were affected.

If you are curious about a site that is not listed, you can call the company directly or visit the company’s website; many companies are posting information about the Bug.

Note: Be sure to change your password only at the specific company’s official website. To be sure you are at the real site, type the web address in the address bar at the top of your browser, rather than click on a link to that website that may have been sent to you in an email.

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