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Office for iPad

At last… Microsoft Office for the iPad!

This past Thursday Microsoft announced the presence of its long-awaited, industry-standard Office programs — Word, Excel, and Powerpoint — in the Apple App Store. The apps are free; to use them is not.

Here is the deal:

  • You can download the free apps from from the App Store. Each program is a separate download.
  • With the free version, you can open and look at documents that are emailed to you, or documents you access from your OneDrive account. That’s about it. (And, by the way, you can do that now, without any new apps.)
  • If you want to edit a document, create a new document, or save a document to OneDrive, you need to purchase a subscription to Microsoft’s Office 365, which is currently $99/year. (Download any of the apps and you can purchase the subscription right from within the app itself. One subscription gives you access to all of the downloaded Office apps.)
  • If you purchase the subscription, you will get a pretty complete version of the computer-based programs; all of the popular templates, tabs, and formatting options are there.
  • You cannot store files on the iPad itself; you store them in your free cloud-based OneDrive account and them access them anytime on your iPad, or from any other device.

iPad users have long asked for Office and now they have it, for a price. But if it makes your iPad even that much more invaluable to you, it’s worth it.

Note that the not-new equivalent app for the iPhone is called “Office Mobile” and it is genuinely free to use, but it is a watered-down version of the full app. Good luck writing the next Great American Novel on your iPhone!

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