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Windows XP Help

For those of you who still have a computer running the Windows XP operating system, you most likely know that Microsoft will stop supporting Windows XP on April 8th.

What does this mean?

In short, you will still be able to use your computer, but it will not be as safe to do so.

Some internet security programs are stepping up to help protect you in the short run, as described in the well-written and informative article from USATODAY (link below).

This article, however, does still suggest that it is time for you to buy a new computer.

So do I.

Click this link to read the article:
Band-Aid for Windows XP Machines

Note: In some cases it is possible to upgrade your XP machine to Windows 7 or 8, but it is not simple, or necessarily recommended. Here is a link to a step by step guide from Microsoft. Read it carefully as you consider this option.

Click this link to read the article:
Upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 7

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