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Mail Shot

If you have an iPad or iPhone and wish to send group emails, you are probably as surprised as I am that Apple has no built-in system for creating address lists. Fortunately, you can purchase ($3.99) a great app that affords you this convenience: Mail Shot Pro.

Purchase Mail Shot Pro from the App Store. (There is also a free version — Mail Shot — but it has limitations; you can download it to see if you like it before deciding to buy the in-app upgrade).

Once you agree to the terms, you must agree to let the app access your contact list — that’s the whole point. Now you can create a new group, name it, and then select its members from your existing contact list.

Then, from your email program, address a new email to this group by typing the group name or choosing the group from your list of contacts.

A few suggestions/notes:

  • Clean up your contacts (correct names, email addresses, etc.) in your contact list before creating a Mail Shot group.
  • If you have an Apple computer with mail groups already set up in your Contact list, you can import the whole group into a newly-formed Mail Shot group.
  • If you change a name or address in your contact list, you will need to delete the name from the Mail Shot group and re-add it to the group. There is no direct connection that will change it for you automatically.
  • The free version does everything the paid version does but it only allows you to create up to three groups, with a maximum of five contacts in each.

Until Apple adds this feature to its own iPad and iPhone programs, Mail Shot Pro is a great convenience.

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