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Forgot Password?

We’ve all forgotten passwords and have looked in earnest for a “forgot password” link. The link usually asks for your email address and then sends you an email with a link to recover or reset your password. Thank goodness for that.

But, what if you forget your email password or — as sometimes happens — your devices suddenly reject the password you’ve been using for years?

Your email provider can’t send you an email link because presumably you can’t get to your inbox. Now you are faced with trying to answer security questions you don’t remember. Ugh.

Email providers are trying to streamline the password reset process. Help them help you.

Most email providers ask you for an alternate email address or a mobile phone number. If you provide at least one of these, the email provider will send either the reset link to the alternate email address (make sure you give them one you can access!) or a text to your mobile phone. These are the simplest ways to reset your email password.

Share this information with your email provider. Don’t forget!

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