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Saving Emailed Pictures

If you wish to save a picture you received in an email, do you download the picture or just save the email.

I recommend that you download the picture into your computer rather than just save the email. To be extra sure you don’t lose the picture, you can do both.

When you download a picture to your computer, you “own” the picture separate and apart from the email. You can edit it, upload it to another site, put it in an album, organize it with your other pictures, and print it, etc. Be sure to backup all of your pictures to an external source — either an external hard drive or offsite.

When you save the email to save the picture, you must open the email before you can open the picture attachment. You can print the picture but you can’t upload it anywhere, put it into a picture book, or save any edits until you save the picture. In addition, you will lose the picture if you accidentally delete the email, or you lose access to your email account. An upside to saving the picture by saving the email, is that if your computer fails, your email (and picture) are saved on the email server.

I would not depend on your email server to keep the only copy of your favorite pictures. The email account of a friend of mine who only kept her pictures in her email folders was hacked and her saved emails were deleted. She lost some pictures she’d like to have back.

Take care of the pictures your friends and family send you.

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