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You’ve Got a Text!

I joke with a friend that if I text her and she doesn’t text right back, I should assume something has happened to her and call the First Responders.

Texting has that effect on us: we assume everyone will text back immediately. This is particularly ironic because so many people I know who, once upon a time, said they had no interest in learning how to text, are the ones who have become olympic texters!

Here are a few thoughts on texting:

  • Don’t text while you are driving.
  • Be sure you are texting to a cell phone number, not a home phone (land line) or an email address.
  • Keep texts brief; texting is not the medium for a lengthy explanation or a heated debate.
  • If your name and cell number are in the recipient’s phone, your name will come up as the text sender. If not, your cell number will come up.
  • If you have never texted an individual before, type who you are in case they don’t have your name and number stored. After that, there is no need to sign your texts.
  • If you get a text from a friend and her cell number comes up instead of her name, put her name in your contact list so her name will come up on future texts.
  • Go easy on the emoji: smiley faces, hearts, snowmen, sunbursts, etc. Less is more here.
  • Read your text before you press “send.” Auto-correcting spell checking can completely change your meaning!
  • Only use abbreviations if you are sure the recipient knows what they mean.
  • As with email, texting in all capital letters is considered screaming; only type in all caps if you mean to be screaming.

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