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A Good Hang-Up

Last week I received this email from someone with whom I have worked: telephone

I just got a phone call from a woman saying that she was from an IT company. She asked me to go to my computer because she needed me to perform some trouble shooting on it. I said, “No, my computer is fine.” I asked her what company she was from and how she would know anything about my computer. She proceeded to assure me that she was telling me the truth, my computer was compromised, and I needed to do what she was asking to resolve my IT issues. I said “no” again and hung up the phone. My computer was, and still is, fine. Should I be worried?

I responded that she should not be worried; she should be elated that she was smart enough to hang up!

I have written about this before but it bears repeating: legitimate IT companies are not calling us to fix our computers. Please do not indulge your curiosity and let them into your machines.

It’s a “hang up” you can be proud of.

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