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Don’t Bank On It!

Don’t you wish you could trust the emails from your bank? You probably can, if the emails are actually from your bank.

Banks are a constant target of internet fraud; please be extra careful about communication that comes from your bank — or looks like it comes from your bank.

My suggestion is to never click on a link to your bank’s website from within an email. If you wish to visit your bank’s website, close the email and type the bank’s web address directly into your web browser (or better yet, click the bank’s address from your favorites/bookmarks list where you already have it stored).

By accessing the bank’s official website yourself — and not clicking a link from within the email itself — you avoid signing into a potentially fraudulent site and revealing personal banking information.

If you are unsure about the content of the email — maybe the email asks you to verify some account information — you can also call the bank directly (get the number from the bank’s official website, not from within an email!) to ask if the requested information is legitimate.

As a rule, bank emails don’t ask you to verify account information; if it’s your bank, it has your account information.

Please be extra careful about emails from your bank!

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