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New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year!

Here are my 10 New Year’s Computing Resolutions. Perhaps you will adopt some of them too.

  1. Back up my data — files, folders, pictures — on a regular basis.
  2. Do the Windows and Apple updates when they are released — even the ones that require a restart.
  3. Delete — don’t save — unwanted emails (I’ll temporarily sort by sender and delete all the old mail from certain senders all at once).
  4. Clean up my contact list and keep it updated.
  5. Delete the apps I don’t use (I can’t delete the apps that came with the device, just those I added).
  6. Pare down my favorites/bookmark list –do I really go to all the sites I have saved?
  7. Take stock of my passwords: know the ones I need.
  8. Periodically check my privacy settings in my social media sites to be sure they stay the way I want them.
  9. Shut down and reboot my devices every few weeks (rather than just let them go to sleep).
  10. Learn to use a new fun app or program.

And, of course I will also be improving my diet and getting more exercise …

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