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Holiday Wishes 2013

To my IT Mail Family,

It’s been another year of desktops and laptops
And smartphones and tablets and such.
All of the joys and frustrations they bring —
As we try to keep current and in touch.

We weather the freeze-ups, lost files, and pop-ups,
And low batteries that happen a lot.
We discover the emails that never got sent,
And some, evidently, we never got.

On any given day the printer won’t print,
And the internet won’t load at all.
The screen asks for a password it already has
… one of the many we just can’t recall!

Despite these issues I hope you’ll admit
That your knowledge is growing greater.
You’re able to do much more than before
Though you still may not update ’til “later.”

Please continue to enjoy these weekly tips.
Any special topic you’d like to see?
Your IT Mail returns January sixth,
Ready for a new year of computer reverie!

Thank you for your support in 2013. Happy New Year.

Carolyn Zalesne
The IT Girl

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