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It Takes Two?

Most of us can navigate our way through a particular app when it does all we need it to do. (We can easily receive, send, reply, and forward mail all from within the same Email app.) But when we need two or more apps to complete a task, it can get confusing.

Here are some of the more common two-app arrangements (not all apply to all devices):

  • Take a picture with the Camera app but view it in the Photo (or Gallery) app.
  • Purchase music from the iTunes app, Play Store App, or Windows Store but listen to it in the Music app.
  • Buy an ebook from the Amazon app but read it in the Kindle app.
  • Create a group email list in the Mailshot app (iPhone and iPad) but use it in the Email app.
  • Add a birthday in your Contacts app but see it on your Calendar app.

Once you recognize the need to use two apps for some transactions, you should enjoy your incredible devices even more!

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