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One Wrong Address

If you send an email to a group of people and one address is undeliverable, does the email still go to the rest of the group?

Yes. And No.

It depends on your specific email service.

Most email services will send the email to the deliverable addresses and notify you of the ones that are not.

However, some email services will not send the mail to anyone, if even one address is undeliverable. This can be quite unproductive, especially if the service doesn’t tell you the email didn’t get to anyone.

Here is how you can check to see what your email service will do:

  • Create an email addressed to your correct email address and also to an incorrect modification of your email address (“bellsoth,” instead of “bellsouth” for example).
  • Type “test” in the Subject line.
  • Send the email.
  • Watch your inbox for new mail.

If you get the “test” email in your inbox, your group email went to the correct addresses. You should also get an email that tells you which address was undeliverable. (This second email may take a while to get to you; some email services try to deliver the email for hours before giving up and then notifying you.)

If you did not get the “test” email in your inbox, chances are that the one incorrect address kept the email from going to anyone. Some email services will notify you of this immediately; other services are less considerate.

If you send group emails, try this test and see what happens. In any case, I recommend that you always include yourself as a recipient in your group email. If you receive it, chances are everyone did.

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