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Upgrades Abound!

September and October have traditionally been popular months for the release of new computer devices and software upgrades; 2013 was no exception. There is something for everyone:

September 18th
Apple iPad/iPhone: software version iOS 7 released

September 20th
Apple iPhone: 5s and 5c models went on sale

October 18th
Windows Computers: operating system 8.1 released

October 22nd
Apple iMac/MacBooks: operating system “Mavericks” released

October 22nd
Windows combination tablet/laptop: Surface 2 and Surface 2 Pro went on sale

October 31st
Android operating system: “Kit Kat” scheduled to be released

When purchasing a new device:

  • Check that all the programs you currently use will work in the new device, and/or be prepared to buy new software or use another program
  • Inquire as to what data will transfer to your device and what might not
  • Delete all data from your old device if you are trading it in or giving it away

When upgrading to new software:

  • Confirm that your device meets the “minimum requirements” for the new software
  • Back up your data
  • Plug your device into its power supply when upgrading
  • Prepare yourself to wait until the upgrade completes before using the device (download/install times vary from minutes to hours)

In all cases:

  • Know your wireless, email, and Apple/Microsoft passwords; you might need to enter them to initiate your new system
  • Be patient with your new/upgraded device; the new looks and features will take some time to get used to

Enjoy your new stuff!

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