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I cannot remember the last time that I answered the phone without knowing who was calling, or at least who it might be. Caller ID is one of the greatest savers of time and aggravation ever. Yet, I am amazed by the number of people who still answer the phone without looking first to see who it is.

To see who is calling on your land line, you need a phone that has the display window as well as the service from the phone company that shares the caller’s information. Then, every time the phone rings, you will see the name of the caller, or at least the number of the person calling you.

On your smart phone, the name of the person calling you will display if you have that person stored in the contact list. If you do not have the caller in your list, you will see the caller’s phone number instead.

You probably know this already.

But if you don’t, here’s some advice on how to make the most of this technology:

  • Don’t answer the phone unless you know who it is and you wish to talk to that person at that moment. If the caller wants you, he/she will leave a message and you can call back.
  • Put more friends, family members, and colleagues in your cell phone contact list. It doesn’t cost anything to store their numbers and when they call, you will know who it is.

Think of the callers that Caller ID permits you to avoid: people trying to sell you something, asking for a donation, confirming an appointment, or soliciting your vote. Many of these callers will not leave a message if you don’t answer.

Now we’re talkin’…

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