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New Apple Software

Last Wednesday, Apple released iOS 7, an update to the iPad and iPhone operating systems. It gives your machine a new look and some new features. And it’s free. iOS7

To read about the new features (there’s a video, too!), click this link to the Apple website:

Some software update notes:

  • You do not have to install this update right now; your current system will continue to work the way it is. If you are unsure about updating your operating system, look at a friend’s updated device to see if you like the new look and new features.
  • Before you update, back up your device to your computer (through iTunes) or to iCloud.
  • Copy photos that are on your device to your computer. (Your photos should all still be on your device after the update; this is just a precaution).
  • The update is a two-part process: downloading the software could take up to an hour and installing could take 30 minutes. You can use your device while the update is downloading (although you may be slowing it down), but once the install begins, the screen goes black and you must wait to use it.
  • Once the installation is finished, there are a few more steps: connect to your wireless network, enter your Apple ID password, etc.
  • When your home screen appears, you might find that some of your icons have been rearranged and some settings have been changed (time zone, rotation lock, etc.). There are easy fixes for these.

The new look and some of the new/changed features take some getting used to, but overall I think it’s a nice improvement.

To update the software in your device, go to:

Settings > General > Software Update > Download and Install.

(Note: This software update is not the same as the new iPhones that went on sale on Friday. These new phones have this new iOS7 operating system preinstalled, but the new 5s phones also have hardware improvements — better camera, faster processor, and fingerprint recognition — that are not part of the software update).

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