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Do the Math

I recently designed the cover for a book about golf memorabilia. One of the last pieces of information I received from the printer was the exact width of the spine: 22 millimeters.

My design file was laid out in inches. How many inches is 22 millimeters? According to my computer, 22 millimeters is 0.866141732 inches. I typed “22 millimeters in inches” into my search engine (Bing, Google, Yahoo, AOL) and the answer popped up immediately.

Search engines are great for this kind of information: baking measurements, centigrade to fahrenheit, miles to kilometers, currency exchange rates, etc. Very useful.

Of course, if you have a smartphone with a voice activated personal assistant, you can just ask her your question rather than type it. Either way, it’s amazing technology.

Let your computer do the math.

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