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Windows 8: Not So Scary

Windows users: here are two good reasons not to be afraid of Windows 8:

  1. You can use it like previous versions of Windows
  2. Windows 8.1 is coming out soon

Windows 8 debuted last fall and some people are still choosing to buy new computers preloaded with Windows 7. This is a shame; Windows 8 is fun. And it’s getting to be more fun. The beauty of Windows 8 is that you can embrace its new features all at once or little by little.

The most noticeable new feature of Windows 8 is the Start Screen. It is a colorful welcome screen with customizable tiles that offer you one-click access to your programs and web pages. If you hesitate to buy Windows 8 because you feel intimidated by this Start Screen, wait! One click on the “Desktop” tile and you will be at your familiar home screen. Ahhh.

The most noticeable missing feature in Windows 8 is the Start Button, the colorful ball/button in the lower left corner of your desktop screen. While all of the controls that you accessed from the Start Button are still available in Windows 8, some of them are easier to find than others. The Windows 8.1 upgrade (free to Windows 8 users this Fall) features the return of the Start Button, among other new goodies. This should make a lot of Windows 8 users very happy.

Don’t be afraid of Windows 8. Even if you are not yet ready to embrace the multi-colored, customizable, touch screen environment, you can still appreciate many aspects of this exciting new operating system.

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