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Goin’ Backwards

You know the “back” button: that left-facing arrow on the upper left corner of your web browser. Click it to return to the last web page you were viewing. Very useful. But what if you want to go back a few pages?

You can keep clicking the back button; you’ll get there … eventually.

Or, you can click and HOLD the back button to reveal a list of the web pages you have visited in this browsing session. Click once on the specific page to which you wish to return and you are taken there. Magic!


  • If the page you want is not listed — browsers may limit the number of pages they show in this list — click on the lowest web page on the list (the most “distant” page) and then click and hold the back button again to reveal even more pages from your recent past.
  • If a link from one page took you to a new window (rather than opening the content in the same window), the back arrow will not work; it only works for pages opened in the same window.
  • If your computer is running an older operating system or an older version of a web browser, this feature may not be available. Time to upgrade?

Happy browsing.

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