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Address Book Entries

If you use your computer, tablet, or smartphone regularly, you probably use the address book (“contacts”) feature. And, if your address book is like mine, it is in need of some clean-up.

We can all delete contacts we no longer need, correct some misspelled names, and even add first and last names to entries that are email addresses only.

Here’s another clean-up idea that will make keeping track of everyone easier: separate individuals — even husbands and wives — into their own entries. Unless a couple or family shares only one phone number and one email address (less and less likely these days), they should each have their own contact entry in your address book.

Once you give each person his/her own entry, you will be better able to keep track of individual cell phone numbers, email addresses, and birthdays. And the real bonus: you will more easily find the right number/email when you search for it.

It might feel weird at first — splitting up people you know are together — but you’ll get used to it; it’s just a virtual breakup!

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