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Happy Holidays!

To my IT Mail Family,

I’m sure you remember pre-computer days

And recall that they were quite nice.

No hard drives and updates and programs and such

… Just phone calls seemed to suffice.

But you got a computer and tablet and smartphone,

And said, “How hard can they be?”

So you plugged them in and turned them on —

Then screamed, “Help! There goes my sanity.”

Soon came errors and Junk Mail and slow-loading pages,

And screens that sometimes would freeze.

You couldn’t find what you needed, or delete what you didn’t,

Though your grandkids could do both with ease.

But you’re definitely improving, so be proud of yourself.

You can email and Skype and send texts.

You can surf and can bank and can write your memoirs.

You’re ready for whatever comes next.

Best wishes for a new year filled with pages that load

And letters that don’t suddenly disappear.

And may your Junk Mail find its way into Spam

And may you avoid that maddening swirling sphere!

Please continue to enjoy these weekly tips.

Any special topic you’d like to see?

Your IT Mail returns January seventh,*

Ready for a new year of computer reverie!

Thank you for your support in 2012.


Carolyn Zalesne

The IT Girl

*I am available if you need me — just the ITmail is taking a vacation!

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