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Manage Your Receipts

Do you shop online? If you do, you know that soon after you click “Place Order,” you receive an electronic receipt by email. What do you do with these receipts?

My suggestion: keep them in an email folder labeled “Receipts.”

Your email program allows you to create custom folders for sorting and storing your email. Create a new folder, name it “Receipts,” and drag and drop your electronic receipts from your “Inbox” into your “Receipts” folder.

By taking your receipts out of your Inbox and storing them in their own folder, you are keeping them where you can find them easily. If you let them go into “Old Mail,” mark them as “Unread,” or leave them in your “Inbox,” you may have trouble finding them a few days — and many, many new emails — later.

  • When your package arrives, check the contents against your electronic receipt to be sure you got what you ordered.
  • If the order does not arrive as anticipated, open the receipt, call the store, and refer to the order number.
  • Even after the package arrives and the order is complete, keep your receipt to check it against your credit card bill.
  • Once the bill is paid, you can delete the email receipt or, perhaps, move it into a different folder labeled “Paid Receipts.”

Happy shopping!

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