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Thanksgiving and Your Computer

There are two things I hear from my friends, family, and students right after the Thanksgiving holiday:

  1. They ate too much
  2. Their grandkids played with their computer (laptop, iPad, smartphone, etc.) and now it doesn’t look/work the way it used to

I should not offer advice about the eating thing. And I will tread lightly as I do offer the following advice about the other issue: do not let your grandkids use your computer devices!

Easier said than done.

Kids love to play with computers and mobile electronic devices, especially if the devices belong to someone else. They download apps, experiment with programs, change a few settings, and rearrange stuff. And then they go home. Not until after you finish the dishes and put your house back together do you realize that your once-familiar computer device has been — what I call — “kidpromised.” And you are left to figure out how to get it back the way you had it. Happy holiday indeed.

To avoid this scenario, consider:

  • putting your computers in places the kids won’t have access to them
  • suggesting to their parents that they bring with them their own — or the kids’ own — electronic devices
  • setting up a passcode on your devices to prevent unauthorized access
  • playing Scrabble … on a board, with wooden tiles….

Enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday … and don’t eat too much!

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