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Sending Holiday Cards and Invitations

It’s holiday time and that means that some of you will send cards to friends and family. Maybe you will be inviting them to a party. For those of you who plan to send cards and invitations by email, please follow the “Bcc” etiquette.

I have written about this before — but it is important enough to repeat: please put the email addresses of your friends and family in the “blind copy (Bcc)” box, not in the “To” or “Cc” boxes.

If you put all the email addresses in the “To” box when you send an email to a group, everyone who receives that email will be able to see the addresses of other recipients. Not only will you have given everyone in that group some email addresses they might not have had (and can now add to their lists for their own business and/or personal use), but, in the case of an invitation, you will have shared your entire guest list with everybody.

When sending a group email, address the email to yourself (put your email address in the “To” box), and put all the recipients’ addresses in the “Bcc” box. This way, everyone you wish to receive the email will receive it, but will not see your other recipients or be privy to their addresses.

Of course, there are scenarios in which you do wish your recipients to see each other; in those cases, address the email accordingly.

Please consider the “Bcc” option when appropriate. Your friends and family will thank you for not sharing their information.


Note: If you wish to design personalized photo holiday cards and invitations on your computer for sending by US Mail, you can visit

If you have an Apple computer, you can also create cards in iPhoto and upload them to Apple for printing.

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