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Grandparents Win!

Parents used to take pictures of their kids, get the film developed, and mail the prints to the grandparents who promptly displayed them on the refrigerator.

Then parents took digital pictures and sent them to the grandparents electronically, requiring the grandparents to have computers and email, and know how to download, save, and print the pictures — if they wanted to display them on the refrigerator. Lots of work.

New printer technology allows anyone to email a picture (or document) directly to a specific printer. Parents can still send pictures electronically, but — eureka(!) — the pictures go directly to the grandparents’ printer and come out on photo paper! Much easier.

Everyone is happy.

How does this work? The ability rests with the printer itself. Newer printers have this feature but older printers do not.

  • For HP printers, the feature is called “eprint.”
  • For Epson printers, the feature is called “email print.”
  • For Kodak printers, the feature is called “Kodak email print.”

(I was not able to find this feature in Canon or Lexmark printers.)

If your new printer has this feature, follow the printer’s instructions to set up your printer’s unique email address. Then fill the photo paper tray with 4″x6″ photo paper and give that address to those who might send you pictures.

Your refrigerator door will be a photo gallery in no time.

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