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The Game is “On”

Three times this past week I was asked the same question about uploading pictures from a digital camera into a computer: “How come it doesn’t work?”

There are usually a number of answers to this question, depending on each person’s particular issue. However, this week, the answer was the same each time.

You need to turn the camera on.

“Really? That’s it?”

Yes. Well, that’s the first step anyway.

When you connect the camera to the computer using the cord that came with your camera, nothing will happen unless you turn the camera on. Only then will the computer read what is stored in the camera and allow you to transfer one or more images. Sounds simple but it is often overlooked.

The cord is not the only way to transfer images from your camera to your computer, however. You can also take the camera card out of the camera and plug it into the computer directly (if the computer has the correct slot) or into a card reader adapter.

But if you use the cord, don’t forget to turn the camera on. It’s a lot easier that way!

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